The Summer Position KO46 – First test

KO46 – QRT!
Many thanks to All SWL!



QRB SWL RK2P – 620 km PI4 mode
Active Spotter – UA3ARC

Special thanks: Bo OZ2M
Special thanks: Igor UA1019SWL 

Total GRID SWL Map

Actual news: 

27.05  Left 3 days to QRT. The Beacon Antenna change direction on South QTF=180
15.05  Sound sample of Beacon by UA1WCF
15.05  Sound sample of Beacon RO3X
01.05  change Beacon TX interval 5 min
30.04  change Beacon TX interval 15 min
25.04 change mode JT65A on JT65B  144.425
22.04 add new mode JT65A (test) 144.177 temporary…
20.04 new SWL ODX RD3FD 528 km.

Since 12.04.2017 from KO46VA – temporary, for testing condx, work VHF Beacon in testing mode.
Beacon based on QRP-Labs kit from Hans with modification for VHF Igor Titovka  R1ZH


Freq: 144.425   – beacon are GPS sync from 1PPS
QRA: KO46VA (South part of Pskov Region)
Mode: PI4 + JT65A + CW ID
Period: 5 min
Antenna: UA1MC 11.5 dBd 10m AGL 185m ASL
QTF: 90 deg
Power: 35w ERP: 495w

Recieve Beacon? Pls goto SPOT page please 😉

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