Meteor Scatter


In the Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory (SGO, 67° 22′ N, 26° 38′ E, Finland) the all-sky interferometric meteor radar (SKiYMET) is continuously operating since December 2008. The radaris designed for detecting ionized meteor trails at heights 80 -100 km. For the detected trails, their position, Doppler velocity of the scatter from these trails, and the decay time of the scatter from the trails are determined. Then, the Doppler velocityis used to estimate the atmospheric winds at these heights, while the height distribution of decay time is used to estimate the mesospheric temperature. Although the SKiYMET radar was primarily designed for atmospheric (mesospheric) research, a number of interesting phenomena related to meteor streams (showers) and specific properties of meteoroids were revealed in the meteor radar data.

Meteors, Meteor Radar and Mesospheric Winds (PDF)